Freddie Lee Jefferson is my birth name, but most people call me Fred.  I was born on the farm and raised in a small rural area of Texas called Petersburg.  I’m Texan ya’ll, through and through, no better place in the United States.  Everyone is moving here to be a part of it; it reminds me about those who follow Jesus, humbling themselves to do what the Lord says to receive Salvation to get to Heaven.  All are trying to get there. My grandmother introduced me to The Bible and the Word of God.  She had me read the King James Version even though I couldn’t pronounce a lot of the words.  She told me to just read it.  I know this opened a portal to the supernatural presence of God.  I thank her for that every day, what a beautiful and sweet soul.

I accepted Christ at the age of twelve years old with a group of friends at a James Robison crusade in Petersburg, Texas.  I didn’t stay on the path though because of a lack of a spirit-filled church, being young and my childhood.  I drifted away, so I tell all I encounter I haven’t always been saved!!!  I know how that will affect many people who are trying to get nearer to Christ.  I can relate.  Maintaining a position of being low and humble allows me to draw closer to the Lord, simply put remove self from being so important.

God has provided me with gifts that enable me to reach others to do the Will of God!

I served honorably as a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.  My education includes an “Associate Degree in Computer Science” and the Life Institute of God.

I have been ministering for over 9 years in different capacities for Jesus Christ.  Church choir, Nursing Home, Outreach, Pastor’s Assistant, Associate Pastor, Fishing Ministry, Golf Ministry, Monday Night Prayer call for seniors and a walk-about ministry speaking and praying for people on golf courses, grocery stores, restaurants, business meetings, police officers, airplanes.  Anywhere!!!  Amen!!!

In 2014 I walked away from the corporate world to do the Ministry and I haven’t looked back.  I have been married to the lovely Mrs. Karla Sue for 28 years; we have one son and three grandchildren.

My desire for FMCC as a church is to be within the community proclaiming the Word of Christ, teaching members the word of God, and providing prayer groups whenever possible to the community.

I am a man who loves God, God’s people and His Word.  I enjoy family time; relaxing, reading, fishing, golfing and learning whatever I can to share with others.  I enjoy preaching, praying and teaching the Word of God with power, conviction, and simplicity at every opportunity that avails without compromise. 

The Elder Board and Church Administrator at FMCC are the backbone of our church.  These are the folks that make things happen! 

The Music Ministry at FMCC is an eclectic mix of traditional hymns, contemporary worship songs and spontaneous praise blended together.  Our musicians vary weekly; you can experience piano, keyboard or guitar along with a variety of vocalists on any given week.  We invite you to come experience worship at FMCC, or watch our live stream on Facebook.  Hope to see you soon!